Personal Sessions

30 Minutes Session


45 Minute Session


  60 Minute Session 




  3 hours of private Session time

to be used over 12 months

Spiritual Consultations

Work with Amanda Romania to connect you to the messages from your soul and your unique Akashic Records.

Amanda is a master Akashic Record Oracle and Librarian. She can assist in decoding personal records, accessing mission and sacred contract information and the appropriate keys and codes for your spiritual growth and expansion. Amanda is able to facilitate sacred initiations and attunements to incorporate ancient wisdom into practical application and open access to tools for the modern visionary.

Amanda can open the veils to the mysteries of the Akashic Fields, cosmic realms and the etheric database of knowledge containing all the records of our incarnations, to generate solutions and provide tools and effective ways to incorporate spiritual practices that are highly beneficial to both professional and personal development. 

Specializing  in spiritual mentorship, empowerment, sacred Temple work and in the sharing of how cosmic and universal energy can be understood and applied to everyday life experiences, Amanda assists in the developing of skills to use and enhance all of your spiritual gifts and senses. Find your inner peace and understanding of your spiritual purpose, give a voice to your subconscious like it has never experienced before and learn methods to gift positive outcomes into your life at a deeper level.

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****Please note that all sessions are via phone or Zoom unless otherwise organized with Amanda. Zoom links will be sent upon booking.​ Please connect well in advance if traveling in to Sedona and you wish to see Amanda in person.


Personal Sessions

      30, 45 and 60 minute options or package as above for one on one readings. The package options gives you a bank of 3 hours of private     

      session time to be used  anytime over a 12 month period. BOOK your choice

Specialty Sessions

      Astrocartography: 45 minute private session, See details below.


Astrocartography Session


The Astrocartography reading addresses key questions and details about your key elements and how they impact your life and how to best work with and balance your chart elements. In addition this reading gives invaluable  insight into areas that you are best suited to on the planet and insight as to why and also how to best connect with or work with those regions.

  • Key elements in your birth chart and how to balance to mirror balance in your life

  • How these elements can benefit your life and how you work.

  • How to negate weaknesses.

  • Astrological factors to understand how and why you are drawn to certain areas

  • Understand key areas on the globe that align with your soul path / life purpose.

  • Cosmic alignment, planetary connections and specific Akashic Record insight.

We do require your full name, date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. Also 3 key global areas that you may have questions about. The form will be sent upon your booking and payment for the session  Book here

Accelerate your spiritual growth by connecting with Amanda 

Sessions are available: in person, via Zoom or phone.