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Professional Soul Purpose Support for Modern Visionaries and Lightworkers
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We aim to assist modern visionaries get to work and align with unique and individual purpose in ways that provide positive global imprints. 


Get clear on your path and purpose

We are able to bring clarity to your mission, purpose and how you present yourself to the world. Book a session with Amanda  to bring together your Astrocartography, human design, Gene Keys, astrological elements and your Akashic Records for clarity and a clear path. Astrocartography is amazingly accurate and offers insight and answers as to which places are challenging, which support you, which offer healing.and how this all relates to what you do. Combined with Akashic Records soul purpose, you will see how these aspects can all come together and how they relate to your home, relationships, lineage, profession and higher purpose. We suggest a 45 min session with Master Akashic Record Librarian and  Oracle Amanda Romania, to get clear on your path. BOOK

Why am I drawn to certain places?

Should I move?

Why don't things work for me here?

What is my best niche and why?

What's going on with my personal and professional relationships?


Not sure how to launch or still working from old formats or templates? 


Work with our professional coach Jen to set up :

Product and or service delivery and technical advice that holds your specific Lightworker frequency and intention whilst being savvy and clean in your energetic delivery. If you already know your niche and key spots but simply need some tech support we're also here to help. Inquire or BOOK

Either session via phone, zoom or in person. Please note all sessions are online unless you've specifically organized or requested an in person appointment at ATLANTIS. 



Harmonize Mind Body Spirit

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