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Healing and Energy Medicine  Sessions

We now offer appointments for in person or remote healing sessions. 

Sessions are unique to you and include intuitive healing combinations, including Quantum Touch, Reiki, healing codes and attunements, strengthening, sacred directional energy medicine and mythic work, transmissions, and bio-field balancing.

All sessions are heart centered and include auric biofeedback and Amethyst/Black Tourmaline biobed session if in person and are carried out in the healing room for remote sessions to include the same healing frequency combinations and benefits.


 Sessions are all online until the end of April. Sessions will be available via phone, email , Zoom etc

Message 928 978 2902 or email

for more information or  find the best booking option for you here.

Munay Ki Rite Transmissions

Small group or individual sessions.


Your guides, Star Family, and Ascended Masters will begin working with your energy field once you book the appointment.

Signing up for a session on the Atlantean bed is a permission slip from your Higher Self to begin downloading new information that will assist you on your soul's unique Mission and Destiny. With your consent, the Hierarchy can remove old programs or pattern loops that no longer serve your Soul's highest path. This will be occurring in the emotional body, the mental body, the spiritual body, and of course the physical body.

When you first book your session, it is recommended that you create specific intentions for your personal upgrades and be open to whatever results are required for you during that time.

Sessions can be booked as a package or simply as a physical or spiritual tune up. The bed session is a great addition to a personal session for integration of higher information and is also provides EMF clearing and  important calibration when flying into Sedona. 

A session on the Bio-bed  provides a synergy of far-infrared rays, negative ions, amethyst and black tourmaline crystals combined with the powerful positioning of the healing room at Atlantis Metaphysical Center. The thousands of untreated crystals combined with the Sedona vortex energy and specific ley lines provide further amplification of  the healing potentials of this session. 

This technology was used during the times of Atlantis and Lemuria to re-align and activate crystalline body frequencies connected to the Earth's inner core, our EarthStar and the higher collective dimensions and portals within the Universe.


The Ascended Masters and Star Beings who are assisting Earth and her inhabitants with the Ascension process are excited to have another avenue to work with us via the Atlantean Energy Bed.

30 minute sessions just $20

Text  541- 968 8883 or email

to book your appointment

Amethyst Biobed

How it Helps 

  • Amethyst Crystals isolate and concentrate healing Far Infrared Rays in the most absorbable wave length range 4-16 µm to go up to 8 inches deep into the body.

  • Clears electromagnetic fields (EMF) that disrupt human cellular functioning

  • Great to assist the body rebalance especially after flying or illness

  • Integrate session information and upgrades

  • Recalibrate and anchor in Cosmic keys and codes

  • Activate Destiny Blueprint and Soul gifts from other lifetimes

  • Activate Master Cell within the body

  • Detoxify physical body by stimulating lymph and circulatory systems

  • Emits negative ions to reduce inflammation and energize the body

  • Stimulate Master Codes for immune systems within the body

  • Raises the vibratory levels of the cells - so that no longer a vibratory match for dis-ease 

30 minute session $20.00

Harmonize Mind Body Spirit